EnviroWines ®  Membership

How to become an EnviroWines ® member :

EnviroWines ® pride themselves with their strict auditor criteria, employing internationally acclaimed scientific auditors from Enviroscientific®, the leading sustainability audit body internationally. Audits are based on the scientific evaluation of all management practices and not merely a documentation audit.

To distinct yourself as a leading sustainable producer and be awarded Envirowines ® status, you need to conform to the following criteria:

  • Producers require a distinction (80%) for the IPW farm and (70%) winery third party audits (, separately.
  • To sustain your EnviroWines ® status, you need to be audited at least every three years (normal IPW cycle).
  • If you use various production wineries, then all the wineries need to be IPW audited and certified.
  • Wineries who purchase grapes from various farms must ensure that those farms are IPW audited and certifiied.

What does EnviroWines ® membership hold for their producers? :

  • International recognition for environmentally sustainable production, becoming a leader on this front in our competitive global market.
  • Associated with an International registered Trademark and respectable brand.
  • Access to the EnviroWines ® logo – which can be incorporated into your back label or if you wish to apply it as a sticker logo on the front of your bottle.
  • EnviroWines ® can become part of your marketing strategy, placing you ahead of your competitor. With the global pressure on the ‘Green Factor’, EnviroWines ® can guide you into achieving those global demands.
  • As accredited member you will receive a membership certificate.
  • We will become a platform for your brand marketing, updating our producers automatically onto our website, receiving our newsletters and any happening news on the ‘green issues’.

The Non-Conformance Agreement :

EnviroWines ® producers are responsible for maintaining their high level of environmental performance.

Hereby the producer undertakes not to use the EnviroWines ® logo for any other period, but the 3-years that a valid certificate has been obtained and thereafter only the prescribed logo may be used on any packaging material.

In the case of ANY non-conformance to specific EnviroWines ® criteria or ANY incident that could impact negatively on the credibility of EnviroWines ® (for example a pollution incident), the producer’s membership will be withdrawn, suspended and its name also removed from the EnviroWines ® website until the producer rectified the specific problem and meet in full the criteria of EnviroWines ®.

Once the issue(s) has been addressed and verified by the independent accredited Audit Body,
the EnviroWines ® membership will be granted to the producer.

By signing this Conformance Form, the producer undertakes that he/she understands the criteria of EnviroWines ® and the non-conformance agreement.

Download and Print Download The Non-Conformance Agreement Form